Reef to Outback
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Kellys Beach Resort is identified as one of several experiences along the Reef to Outback Journey, the international journey linking the Southern Great Barrier Reef with Queensland’s Outback

Reef to Outback- An Undiscovered Australian Journey is a market driven initiative that was created following an identified need to promote the ‘central’ area of Queensland in the international market. The ‘Reef to Outback’ concept complements the existing international ready drive routes of The Great Tropical Drive and Great Sunshine Way.

Reef to Outback - An Undiscovered Australian Journey links two of Australia’s most iconic natural attractions - the World Heritage-listed wonders of the Great Barrier Reef with the wide open spaces of the magnificent Queensland Outback by taking a journey through the uncrowded and not-so-well known hidden treasures where Australians like to live and take holidays.

This vast natural playground offers experiences as varied as some of Australia’s best Aboriginal rock art in magnificent Carnarvon Gorge to exploring the coral gardens of Lady Elliot Island in the midst of the Great Barrier Reef. There are old-style seaside villages where the locals holiday, and the chance to get up close to Australia’s unique wildlife. Fossick for gems, stay on a working farm or marvel at ancient dinosaur fossils. Rediscover the freedom of what holidays used to feel like.

This journey is designed to be incorporated into other itineraries and has the flexibility and versatility to suit all needs, timeframes and interests.


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