Why we love winter!

Why we love winter!

This is our favourite time of year! As a family we come from Melbourne originally so Winter is just perfect for us, not too hot, not too cold and its the only time we get the warm pj’s out! Weather aside we have put together our Top 10 Reasons why we love Winter here in Bundaberg on the Southern Great Barrier Reef. There is no way we could rank them so they are in no particular order. We hope your enjoy the read and we look forward to sharing our special part of Queensland with you next time you visit!

Manta Migration at Lady Elliot Island.
From May – August Mantas make their annual migration along the east coast and their favourite pit stop is Lady Elliot.

Water Visibility is at it’s Best
Wether your snorkelling at Lady Musgrave Island, Lady Elliot Island or along the many reef systems accessible from our mainland beaches, Winter by far has the best underwater visibility!

Fresh & Local Produce
The Farms come alive at this time of year! We love how you can pick up all the veg and fruit you need from theroad side farm stallsand markets. Here is a great seasonal guideto what produce is available when.

Is Bundaberg’s 10 Day Festival celebrating everything fresh and local in our Region. There are cocktail making events, farmers markets, and we are having our own Saucing Local event at the resort this year too! Book in advance, the events sell out!

Pick your own Strawberries
This is a great activity on a winter afternoon! Tinaberries & SSS Strawberries offer this experience to visitors. There is something really awesome about eating something you have picked yourself, plus they are delicious!

The Best Value Holidays
From May to early September we have our Stay Pay Deals, where we give you a night for FREE. Plus the Winter School Holidays are in our Off Season so you get an awesome price and the kids have a ball! Our Pool is heated

Winter School Holidays
Our Winter School Holidays are by far the best value of all School Holidays. If you book in early enough you can even book our stay pay deals! Check out our School Holiday Deals

Sunrise & Sunset
The absolute sparkling clarity that Winter brings to Sunsets and Sunrises is just breath taking! At Monies Creek causeway you can see the sun go down and the moon come up. Champagne is optional!

Deserted Beaches
Our beaches don’t get too busy at the best of times however obviously there are not as many people swimming this time of year. You will not have any trouble finding a spot all to yourself. Read here for our favourite secluded beaches, where sometimes even when it is busy you can have the beach to yourself.

Whale Season
The first humpback has already been spotted. We will see them around until the beginning of October.

Our favourite secluded beaches in Bundaberg!

Our favourite secluded beaches in Bundaberg!

Off the back of our first blog the Top 10 Things we love about Winter in Bundaberg on the Southern Great Barrier Reef comes ‘Our Favourite Secluded Beaches’ Blog. We are pretty lucky here to still have secluded beaches. Even though they’re at there most secluded during the winter months, even over January you can still get a beach to yourself if you know where to look!

Our busiest beaches are not even that crazy at the busiest time of year so we also love Archies Beach and Kellys Beach too, which are only 2 minutes walk away from the resort!


Rifle Range Beach

Our favourite part of Rifle Range Beach is the natural coastal bush that you walk through and that shelters the beach. There is no car park in sight and the bush protects it from the road.

At low tide there is great rock pools and Rifle Range Creek can be explored. Great place to chase ghost crabs too.

If you have bikes (you can hire some from us) there is a great path that weaves along Rifle Range Creek and along the Coast.

It is so beautifully peaceful.


Neilson’s Beach

Neilo’s as it is affectionately known by us locals, is our local Surf Beach. Nippers and Surf Carnivals are held here, so if you’re after seclusion plan around these events.

This is a lovely beach with an awesome Park for the kids, a basketball court, exercise equipment close by and showers! The bike path goes right past here so you could even ride down, it is only 3. 8 km. You could definitely make a day out of Neilson’s Park.

Psst, there is also awesome coffee too. Check out Sea Bean for their opening hours


Elliot Heads Beach

Elliot Heads is one of Bundaberg and the Southern Great Barrier Reefs best kept secrets. The river meets the ocean here and the colours and the view is spectacular, we reckon it even gives the Whitsundays a run for its money.

On low tide you can walk across the sand to Dr Mays Island (in season as closed for nesting birds) and even get glimpses of Coonar Beach. It seems like the beach goes on forever here in three different directions!

There is Driftwood Cafe that has burgers and chips too, so make an afternoon of it!


Woodgate Beach

Woodgate Beach is just over 40 minute drive but well worth it! This has got to be the most untouched part of the Bundaberg Region sitting in the Burrum Coast National Park. Just down the road from the beach is the unmissable Theodolite Creek. If you can plan it go on dusk or dawn to check out the kangaroos.

There is a great cafe just across the road from the beach, if you need a coffee for the return drive Russo Nature park is only 20 minutes away too which has a nice easy 30 minute walk through bush to a lookout!

Come stay in one of our Eco Villas at  Kellys Beach Resort when exploring the beaches of Bundaberg!
Blog written by Loni Springer and lover of everything Bundaberg and Nature