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Looking for an affordable Investment Property?


HOW often do you hear about a place – after its property market has peaked? Well here’s something novel: a beach front town that is yet to fully boom and has all the hallmarks of a classic sea-change destination.
Real estate values in the small community of Bargara, 380km north of Brisbane, are relatively cheap while many other coastal towns and cities have boomed beyond average affordability in recent years. Fiona Cameron From: The Australian November 17, 2007 12:00AM


We have 2 types of villas available for investment purchase. Being located on one of the last 5.5 acres of coastal land in this part of Queensland they are are great property investment as well as a affordable tax offset. PLUS during the off season you get to holiday at the resort 1 month a year!

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Kellys Beach Resort Property Investments


6 Trevors Rd, Bargara, QLD 4670