We at Kellys Beach Resort aim at achieving continual environmental improvements through implementing a management system with objectives and targets to minimise our environmental footprint by working with staff , guests and stakeholders through environmental prevention practices in compliance with legal and other requirements & be a role model for others to follow.


Here are the Environmental Incentives we have implement at Kellys Beach Resort:

eco certified tourism operator


We achieved Eco Certification in 2015. The ECO Certification program certifies tourism products (tours, accommodations, attractions) with a primary focus on nature.

It assures travellers that certified products are backed by a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high quality nature-based tourism experiences.

The ECO Certification program is a world first and it has been developed to address the need to identify genuine nature and ecotourism operators.


partnership with greenfleet

We partnered with Greenfleet in 2019 to help plant more trees in Australia. Each guest when they book their stay online with us has the opportunity to go halves in a tree with us. So far Kellys and it’s guests have purchased 94 trees.


containers for change

In 2019 we installed 2 x containers for change collection bins in the resort so our guests could place their containers there, instead of going to land fill. 100% of the proceeds collected from the containers for change program goes to our local Sea Turtle Alliance organisation.


Our Think Green Program

So we can demonstrate to our guests and further to our staff our commitment to the environment we have developed our THINK GREEN policy. THINK GREEN is a concept we have developed to encourage and communicate to our staff and guests our commitment to minimising the impact we have on our environment and our natural resources. We have placed signage around the villas the the resort encouraging staff and guests at certain touch points to think green. Eg – Think green stickers on light switches.


Energy Management

  1. Any lights and electrical equipment should be turned off when not in use. This includes all areas of the resort and its buildings as long as it does not compromise safety.
  2. Housekeeping must turn off electrical appliances when not in use. Do not leave on stand-by mode. This includes office and restaurant employees.
  3. Energy efficient lighting such as fluorescent bulbs are to be used only within the whole of the resort and resort buildings.
  4. THINK GREEN signage and stickers must be conveniently placed to remind villa occupants and employees to turn off appliances, lights etc when not in use.
  5. When purchasing electrical items nothing less than an energy rating of 3 stars must be purchased. When purchasing lighting for the resort (including all buildings, and exterior lights around the resort), only energy efficient bulbs such as fluorescent bulbs or equivalent are to be purchased.
  6. Our main reception building and pool heating is powered by the sun. We have manage to decrease our business’s CO2 emissions by 34% since 2011.

Waste & Recycling Management

The following are ways in which we need to reduce, recycle, or reuse our waste:

– Rubbish Waste

  1. All areas of the resort (eg: villas, office, and restaurant) are to be supplied with rubbish bins labeled general waste and recycling using THINK GREEN stickers.
  2. All allocated carports for villa occupants must be supplied 1 green wheelie bin and 1 yellow wheelie bin.
  3. Back of restaurant must be supplied 2 green wheelie bins and 2 yellow wheelie bins for use for the restaurant and office.
  4. Occupants of villas and employees are informed and encouraged on how to separate their waste accordingly into the green wheelie bin for general waste or yellow wheelie bin for recycling products.
  5. Wheelie bins must be regularly checked and replaced in their nominated areas to ensure correct usage of bins.

– Additional Recycling

In addition to the above recycling we also need to collect and separate the following products and place them into their appropriate containers for recycling:

Batteries: Used batteries need to be collected and placed into correct labeled container located at reception. Once container is full it can be taken to Battery World in Bourbong Street, Bundaberg for recycling.

Printer Cartridges: Used printer cartridges need to be placed into correct labeled container located at reception. Once container is full this can be taken to Cartridge World Barolin Street, Bundaberg.

Mobile/Phones: Unclaimed mobile phones and chargers must be placed into correct labeled container at reception. Once container is full it can be taken to the Bundaberg Regional Council Office and placed into the Mobile Muster.

Light Globes: Used light globes also need to be placed into correct labeled container at reception then taken to Bundaberg Regional Council for correct disposal.

Paper: Located at reception additional to the recycling bins for paper is a cupboard for reusable paper to be used as note pads, scrap or to be placed into the photocopier draw labeled Recyclable Paper. Also located next to the recycling bin at reception is a paper shredder for paper which has confidential information and needs to be shredded and discarded in the recycling bin.

– Packaging Waste

All packaging materials eg: bulk purchases for villas, office, restaurant and bar packaging must be sorted and disposed of correctly into either general waste or recycling wheelie bins.

– Gardening Waste

Collection of palm frongs, leaves etc must be segregated and kept for mulching and used on the gardens around the resort.

– Reuse

Employees are encouraged to reuse before throwing.

Water Management

The following are ways in which we need to reduce our water consumption and be more water wise:

  1. Water saving fittings must be replaced and used for showers and taps within the resort.
  2. All leaking taps must be reported and fixed as a matter of priority.
  3. Only use water to clean pathways if absolutely necessary. Garden blower, brooms etc are to be used as a first alternative.
  4. Gardens should be designed to use plants which minimise the use of watering.
  5. Watering gardens must be completed in the mornings or evenings.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Within the following areas of the resort and buildings are ways we need to use environmentally friendly products:

– Housekeeping

  1. Housekeeping is to use Enjo cleaning cloths only when cleaning the resort villas.
  2. The only products housekeeping is to use is Enjo cleaning paste, Orange Squirt, and RWD super sink detergent all are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  3. Housekeeping is to follow the Approved Housekeeping Cleaning Products Sheet.
    The cleaning sheet describes the type of cloths and where they are to be used within the villas.
  4. Housekeeping need to report when the Enjo cloths are not working effectively so they can be replaced.

– Reception/Office areas

  1. When cleaning office equipment, desks, and reception area, etc Enjo cleaning products are to be used only.

– Gardening/Maintenance

  1. No harmful weed killer is to be used for the removal of weeds with the resort gardens.
  2. When using pesticide for the elimination of ants, bugs etc only environmentally friendly products can be used.


When purchasing any type of chemical consideration must be made to purchase only products which do not harm the environment and must be environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

When purchasing paper and paper products, only environmentally friendly products maybe purchased.


Measuring Carbon

We measure the output of electricity and gas across the resort to compare ourselves to best practice and set goals to reduce usage.

Electric Vehicles

We have 8 selected carports/villas with easy access to power to plug an electric car into, make sure you let our Reservations team know that you have an electric vehicle.

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We respectfully acknowledge the Taribelang Bunda, Gooreng Gooreng, Gurang, Bailai, Wakka Wakka, Wulli Wulli, Djaku-nde, Jangerie Jangerie, and Kabbi Kabbi Peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the precious land, water and sea country on which we all love to work, live and play.

We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and thank them for welcoming us country today. We look forward to sharing  traditional culture through tourism, in the spirit of mutual respect and reconciliation.