Bundaberg is all about Turtles from October until April. We are lucky enough to have the largest concentration in the whole South Pacific of Loggerhead Turtles nesting and hatchlings at Mon Repos Beach. Every year over 400 turtles nest on our beaches and the surrounding islands of Lady Musgrave and Lady Elliot every year! Pretty Special right! 

We have provided this blog to give our visitors as much information about the Turtle Season here in Bundaberg as we can!

Turtles Facts

A turtle’s history and journey is a real special one!

Some live until they’re 80 years old and can get up to 900 kg! Whoa that is a lot of plankton!

Did you know the temperature of the nest will determine the sex of the hatchlings?

Once laid, the eggs will incubate for 6-8 weeks until the hatchlings erupt out of the sand beginning their journey along the East Australian Current (EAC Dude)

Light pollution is one of the biggest threats to the marine turtles survival. Our region has a Low Glow understanding where we all try to do our bit to reduce the light pollution during turtle season. Thanks to Greenfleet, Bundaberg Regional Council, Sea Turtle Alliance, Bundaberg Tourism, The Walt Disney Co and the Princes Trust Australia for coming together to protect our turtles.

Low Glow

Sign the Low Glow Pledge Here

Turtle Tours

Ranger Guided Tours are operated from Mon Repos Turtle Centre nightly from 9th of November 2019 until 28th of March 2020. Except 24/12, 25/12 and 31/12

Visitors need to at the Mon Repos Turtle Centre between 6.30 pm and 6.45 pm.

Your night starts with wandering through the dimly lit (to protect our turtles) reserve to the Turtle Centre. Hear you will be given your Tour Group sticker which are pre-allocated by the rangers based on the date of booking.

While waiting for a turtle to do its thing, there is a visitor centre with where you can learn more about turtles and the conservation efforts to increase their numbers as well as an outdoor auditorium where documentaries about Mon Repos and Turtles are shown through the night

For the young ones there is Junior Ranger activities to keep them occupied however feel free to brings board games, cards or a tablet just encase.

Once your group number is called you make your way along the boardwalk to the beach with a Ranger and Turtle volunteer to experience this truly natural encounter. Picture a secluded beach at night with minimal light pollution so the stars are amazing and baring witness to a mum laying her eggs or a clutch of hatchings running down the beach to the moonlit ocean. Really really special!

Please read The Mon Repos Turtle Encounter FAQ for the ins and outs of how the Tours operate.



We cannot express enough to ensure you BOOK IN ADVANCE. You will be really disappointed if you try to book while you are here. The turtles are really popular. There are no tickets available at Mon Repos on the night!

You can book direct here

Or you can book one of our Turtle Packages which includes a discount on accommodation and breakfast

Or contact us to add a ticket to your stay


The Turtle Express

The Turtle Express includes return transfers from Kellys Beach Resort to the Rookery as well as the Mon Repos Turtle Encounter.

You can check out our Turtle Express Package which includes a discount on accommodation and breakfast.

Or you can book direct with Bundaberg Coach Tours

Secret insider Turtle Tips:

  • Missed out on a ticket? or here after the tour season is finished? Turtles nest all along our beaches until mid May so feel free to go for a walk along the beach (conscious of noise and light pollution of course) and you never know your luck. There are volunteers patrolling the beaches until May so they will advise you what to do!
  • Hatching Tours typically happen quicker than Nesting Tours.
  • Bring bug repeallant.
  • Turtles don’t mind the rain so tours will operate in all weather except, lightning or extreme weather events.
  • Bring a torch on tour as you may be lucky enough to use the light to guide a little hatching to the ocean