FREE Activities for a Budget-Friendly Stay at Kellys Beach Resort

FREE Activities for a Budget-Friendly Stay at Kellys Beach Resort

Embark on a budget-friendly journey and explore the treasures of Bundaberg and its surroundings without spending a cent!

Kellys Beach Resort invites you to discover the beauty, culture, and natural wonders of the region through a variety of free activities. From breathtaking landscapes to historical zoos and vibrant art scenes, here’s your guide to a cost-free adventure around every corner.

Read on for a comprehensive list of budget-friendly activities!

Beachside Escapes

Bargara Turtle Playground
Enjoy stunning views of Bargara Beach while the kids play on the turtle-themed playground. With ample seating and tables, it’s an ideal spot for a beachside picnic. The large turtle structure offers different play areas, perfect for games like hide and seek.

Bundaberg Beaches
Discover the unspoiled and diverse beaches along the East coast of Australia. Bargara offers a choice of unique beaches, including Neilson Park, Bargara, The Basin, Kellys, Archies, and Rifle Range, each providing a distinct coastal experience.

Wildlife and Nature

Mon Repos Turtle Centre
Delve into the world of marine turtles at the Mon Repos Turtle Centre. Entry is free, providing you with insights into conservation and research programs. While fees apply for the immersive Turtle Tales Experience and Turtle Encounter Tours during nesting and hatching seasons, the wealth of knowledge gained is invaluable.

Alexandra Park Zoo
Step back in time at Alexandra Park Zoo, one of Queensland’s oldest zoos. Home to monkeys, dingos, lizards, birds, and more, the zoo offers free entry on specific days and provides a delightful Riverside Boardwalk along the Burnett River.

Bundaberg Botanic Gardens
Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens. Spanning 27 hectares, the gardens are home to over 10,000 trees and shrubs. Entry is free, and the gardens are open seven days a week. Explore hidden gems like the Japanese Gardens and the spectacular temple in the Chinese Gardens.

Scenic Views and Cultural Delights

Hummock Lookout
Head to the low-lying volcanic remnant known as “The Hummock” for panoramic views of the region. At 96 meters above sea level, enjoy vistas of the ocean to the east and sugar fields encircling the city to the west, with the Bundaberg Distillery and the smoke stacks from the Mill on the horizon.

Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery
Immerse yourself in arts and culture at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG). Located in the heart of Bundaberg City, BRAG is a large multi-purpose visual arts facility within walking distance of major shopping centres, cafes, restaurants, and the Riverside Parklands.

Childers Art Space
Visit the Childers Arts Space (CHARTS), housed in the Palace Memorial Building, becoming a hub for arts and cultural activities. The gallery features exhibitions showcasing work from local, state, and national artists.

North Burnett Art Trail
Embark on a scenic drive inland of Bundaberg and uncover talented artists and sculptures on the North Burnett Art Trail. From towering silos and rustic sculptures to spectacular water towers, the trail is a vibrant tapestry of colour woven throughout the town.

Outdoor Adventures

National Parks
Explore the abundant National Parks and mountain ranges in the Bundaberg and North Burnett Regions. Whether hiking the Bluff walking track at Mount Walsh for panoramic views or wandering the scenic wetlands of Burrum Coast National Park, nature enthusiasts will find endless trails.

Lake Monduran
Situated 20km north of Gin Gin on the Bruce Highway, Lake Monduran (Fred Haigh Dam) offers a variety of activities, from fishing to kayaking, swimming, and waterskiing. Enjoy facilities such as barbeques, picnic tables, toilets, and hire boats while surrounded by serene landscapes.

Agnes Water & 1770
Conclude your budget-friendly adventure with the Paperbark Forest Walk and Discovery Trail in Agnes Water and 1770. The Paperbark Walk offers a short but spectacular forest experience, while the Discovery Trail provides stunning views and natural bush exploration in a 30-minute round trip.

Discover the Bundaberg region’s natural beauty, diverse experiences, and cultural treasures—all without spending a cent! Kellys Beach Resort and its surroundings present an array of free activities that promise adventure and unforgettable memories. Your next great adventure awaits, and this time, it won’t cost you a thing!

Family Friendly Adventure at Kellys Beach Resort

Family Friendly Adventure at Kellys Beach Resort

Your Gateway to Fun and Exploration

Explore endless family fun during your stay at Kellys Beach Resort in Bundaberg. Whether you love animals, history, water sports, or food, our resort is your base for diverse activities. From marine turtle encounters at Mon Repos to history at Hinkler Hall of Aviation, water adventures with Enviro Reefs, and cultural tours with Taribelang Bunda, there’s something for everyone.

Taste local delights at Tinaberries, Macadamias Australia, and Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream. Experience something unique at Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Barrel. With Kellys Beach Resort as your hub, create lasting family memories in Bundaberg’s adventure-packed region.

Read on for a comprehensive list of activities the whole family can enjoy!

Animal Encounters for the Nature Enthusiast

Mon Repos Turtle Centre
For a truly unique experience, head to the Mon Repos Turtle Centre. Learn about marine turtles, conservation efforts, and research programs. While entry is free, don’t miss the opportunity to book the Turtle Tales Immersive Experience for an in-depth understanding of these magnificent creatures. During nesting and hatching seasons, the Nightly Mon Repos Turtle Encounters offer an awe-inspiring spectacle.

Splitters Farm
At Splitters Farm, families can enjoy a day of farm-based fun with over 300 rescue animals. Choose between a self-guided Farm Entry or a Guided Farm Tour (available during school holidays) to get up-close and personal with the adorable residents. It’s a delightful and informative experience for all.

Snakes Downunder Reptile Park & Zoo
Just a 40-minute drive from Bargara, the Snakes Downunder Reptile Park & Zoo promises a day of affordable and thrilling adventures. With over 45 species of Australian reptiles, amphibians, and marsupials, the park offers fascinating displays, reptile demonstrations, and even crocodile feeding sessions.

Unveiling Bundaberg’s Rich Heritage

Hinkler Hall of Aviation
For history buffs, the Hinkler Hall of Aviation is a must-visit. Marvel at the dynamic structure shaped like an aircraft wing, set in the lush Bundaberg Botanic Gardens. This unique museum brings to life the adventures and achievements of Australia’s pioneer solo aviator, Bert Hinkler.

Taribelang Bunda Cultural Tours
Embark on an immersive Indigenous experience with Taribelang Bunda Cultural Tours. Led by passionate guides, Bec and Nigel, guests are taken on a captivating journey through time, exploring the rich history and culture of the Taribelang people passed down from generation to generation.

Mystery Craters
Uncover the secrets beneath the surface at Mystery Craters in South Kolan. Amidst stunning landscapes, these captivating craters invite explorers of all ages to delve into a surreal wonderland.

Aquatic Fun and Exploration

Enviro Reefs Paddle & Surf School
Surf and paddleboard enthusiasts can rejoice with lessons offered by Enviro Reefs Paddle & Surf School. Explore the beautiful coastal areas of Bargara, Mon Repos, Kellys Beach, and Elliott Heads with inspiring lessons suitable for all skill levels.

Bundy Belle River Cruise
Take a leisurely 2.5-hour cruise along the Burnett River aboard the Bundy Belle. Fully restored, this classic river ferry offers a relaxing journey with full commentary on the river’s history, complemented by complimentary tea and coffee.

Southern Great Barrier Reef Excursions
For an unforgettable reef experience, embark on full-day trips to Lady Musgrave Island by boat or Lady Elliot Island by plane. Explore the wonders of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, immersing yourself in the beauty of the underwater world.

Culinary Delights for the Whole Family

Indulge in a fabulous, fun farm experience at Tinaberries. During the winter strawberry season, purchase sweet fresh strawberries, or enjoy picking your own during early spring. Delight your taste buds with delicious real fruit ice cream available year-round.

Macadamias Australia
Take a stroll through the original orchards of Macadamias Australia and explore the Visitor Experience Centre. Learn about the origin of the macadamia nut, from planting to harvesting, processing, and packaging. Satisfy your cravings at The Orchard Table, the on-site macadamia-inspired café.

Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream
A visit to Mammino Gourmet Ice Cream near Childers is a treat for the whole family. Home to multi-award-winning 100% homemade ice cream and delicious macadamia nut products, this family business is a notable tourist attraction. Don’t miss the chance to try the Marvellous Macadamia flavour!

Play Spaces for Young Adventurers

Bargara Turtle Park and Playground
Let the imaginations of young adventurers run wild at the Bargara Turtle Park and Playground. A fantastic play space awaits, ensuring hours of laughter and exploration for the little ones.

Alexandra Park Zoo and Playground
In Bundaberg, the Alexandra Park Zoo and Playground in Bundaberg provide another excellent spot for families with young children. Let the kids play and explore in a safe and enjoyable environment.

With Kellys Beach Resort as your home base, the Bundaberg region becomes a playground for family-friendly adventures. The friendly team at the Tour Desk is ready to assist in booking your chosen activities, ensuring a memorable and exciting stay for the whole family. Get ready to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

Winter Activities and Things To Do In Bundaberg

Winter Activities and Things To Do In Bundaberg

Have you ever experienced a winter that made you want to get outside and be active? Luckily, our winters are relatively mild at Bargara and Bundaberg, so you can do just that and enjoy winter activities with your family.

And here are our recommendations. At Kellys, we have been privy to many gorgeous winter sunrises and sunsets. The family photos that merge with the landscape and beauty as you snap away are certainly Facebook and Insta worthy. Plus, if you love strawberries, we may have eaten too many while picking them fresh from the farm.

So, please read on to see what other fun attractions we can vouch for. Then grab the family, make a plan, and explore our beautiful region. And with the September school holidays approaching, is it time to organise your family holiday at Kellys?

What Are The Best Places To See The Sunrise In Bundaberg And Bargara?

Sunrise goers local to Bundy love the sunrises at Neilo’s Beach, aka Nielsons Beach, or directly on the esplanade at Bargara. But also, a short ten minute drive from Bargara, you will find a slower paced beach, Innes Park, said to bring the “wow” to your daily sunrises. So, rise and shine before 6 am, and you can start the day right in absolute gratitude for the emerging sun, heralding a beautiful new day.

What Are The Best Places To See The Sunset In Bundaberg And Bargara?

Perch yourself at the peak of Elliott Heads across from Coonarr Beach, and you will discover the most stunning sunsets. Or if you drive along the Elliott Heads coast laden with pine trees, there are plenty of seats adorning the cliffs so you can relax and take in the undisturbed views. Locals also frequent The Hummock, with 360-degree views of Bundaberg and the coast.

Or if you are up for a half day trip in the arvo, drive to Woodgate Beach, with unspoilt views. The water is crystal clear, and if you want to jump in, the temperature of the water will invigorate your soul.

Fun fact! Did you know that The Hummock is an old dormant volcano?

Can I Pick Farm Fresh Strawberries In Bundaberg?

Strawberry season is from May to November, annually. And around the Bundaberg region, we have two (2) strawberry farms you can visit, Tinaberries and SSS Farms. Both provide the service of picking farm fresh juicy strawberries, but they also have unique differences. Check out what else they offer.

SSS Strawberries, located over North Bundaberg, also has a strawberry shop with freshly picked punnets of strawbs available, strawberry soft serve, coffee, chocolate coated strawbs, cold drinks, and strawberries ideal for jam making. The staff are always smiling and will go out of their way to make your visit to their farm enjoyable and satisfying.

Also, “SSS Strawberries was the WINNER of the 2022 Queensland Medium Business Award in The Family Business Excellence Awards 2022”, as reported by Plus, they recently received the award for Distinguished Family of The Year, 2023, announced by Family Business New Zealand.

Tinaberries are located just off the coast between Bargara and Elliott Heads beaches. As you drive up the tree-lined driveway, the path opens to a rustic shed that will fulfil your strawberry cravings. On the farm, you can pick your own strawberries, or savour in fresh fruit ice cream flavours of strawberry, mango and passionfruit. So enjoy your selection while relaxing on their outdoor homestead-style seating, then play the wooden board games with the family. And if you are still up for more strawberries, their website has plenty of enticing recipes for you to try.

What Else Can My Family Do In Winter?

Check out these activities, again recommended by the Kellys team. Or, if you want to head to the parks, you’ll love Baldwin Swamp and Lake Ellen. With numerous play areas for kids of all ages, including a lovely nature walk through Lake Ellen, your family will have plenty of opportunities to explore, climb and be fascinated by the wildlife.

Another option is the Alexandra Park Zoo. From dingos to emus, birds and lizards, you’ll love our quaint little zoo. Then on the river side of the zoo, enjoy a family stroll along the riverwalk, set amongst the Burnett River. And if you are feeling extra adventurous, walk down to River Cruz Cafe, which is open seven (7) days.

Boreham Park has recently been renovated, nestled among Avenell Heights homes. You won’t be bored with a zipline, mini bike track, basketball area and multiple playgrounds for toddlers to teens!

And, of course, around Bargara and our coastline, there are a lot of walking paths, fun playgrounds, and favourite spots locals love to frequent. So ask our Tour Desk if we have any secret must-see places.

What Indoor Activities Are There In Bundaberg?

BRAG, also known as the Bundaberg Regional Arts Gallery, is open seven (7) days with FREE entry. Located centrally, with two (2) floors of exhibitions, the family will find some inspiration from the displays and oftentimes, interactive art. There is also a gift shop with local Bundaberg crafts and arts.

The Botanical Gardens over North Bundaberg, a short drive from the CBD, is where you will find three (3) indoor activities.

  1. Hinkler House is the house Bert Hinkler lived in. It was relocated from England to Bundaberg. So step back in time to see Bert’s personal items, filled with nostalgia and history.
  2. Hinkler Hall of Aviation is a pure celebration of the solo aviation explorer Bert Hinkler. The grand hall has interactive activities, aircraft memorabilia, and numerous activities that will keep the whole family engaged for hours.
  3. Bundaberg and District Historical Museum displays what life was like in the past. The vast amount of items in the collection is intriguing, making you think in wonder, appreciating our modern day conveniences. Walking around, you will discover the history of the Bundaberg region.

Plus, when you visit the Botanical Gardens, you’ll find other gems, such as the steam trains, playground, cafe, Japanese and Chinese gardens, and walking tracks with plenty of birdlife, turtles, eels and more. So, yes, while these are outside activities, you could tick off a whole bunch of fun things to do at the Botanical Gardens, both inside and outside.

But if you want an adrenaline rush, then the Bundy Bowl & Leisure Complex is where you’ll want to go. As the name suggests, there are 16 ten-pin lanes, dodgem cars, a games arcade, Jurassic putt putt mini golf, big dipper slide and playground, zone three laser tag, escape rooms, a cafe and much more!

So, whether you love outdoor or indoor activities this winter, the Bundaberg region is a playground to please people of all ages. And when you stay at Kellys, because our resort is family orientated, we have lots of on-site facilities and amenities for those days when you feel like staying in.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Kellys.

Mon Repos. Turtles Nesting. Baby Hatchlings.

Mon Repos. Turtles Nesting. Baby Hatchlings.

Image Credit: Nicole Murnane / Image Copyright: Department of Environment and Science.

Mon Repos is where all the action takes place each year. First, the Mumma loggerhead turtles nest from November till January, where they lay their eggs. Then, depending on the temperature of where the eggs are laid, be it in the warm sun or shade, baby loggerhead turtles will hatch around January, six to ten weeks after nesting.

So, suppose you’d like to learn more about turtle conservation, take a tour, and create some wildlife memories of your own. In that case, this blog will delight not only your wild side but also establish a newfound appreciation for the life of the loggerhead turtle. And at Kellys, we can arrange your tour, so ask us to book for you.

Turtle Hatchlings

​​From January through to March, the loggerheads hatch out of their eggs and enthusiastically navigate their way to the surface of the egg chamber and into a new world. As they take their first little flipper steps onto Mon Repos beach, they are often greeted by a Ranger and eager tour goers keen to see them make their way to the ocean for their first taste of freedom.

Image Credit: Tourism Events Queensland

The Baby Turtles Journey

The swimming frenzy begins as the baby turtles make their way with vigour towards the sounds of the ocean. As the hatchlings emerge from the sand and look for the lowest natural light on the horizon, this guides them to the water’s edge (artificial lights mask the natural horizons and cause disorientation). For two to three days, the baby turtles do not eat. Instead, they are fueled by the yolk from inside their egg that energises their newly birthed life. From there, they swim towards the East Australian current, where they float to NSW, down to New Zealand, and then embark across the waters to Peru and Chile, floating most of the way.

They then stay across the globe for around 15-16 years at their feeding ground, which will be their temporary home, and where they reach sexual maturity.

Fact – Females do not breed every year. Instead, they may return every two or three years (depending on how far away their feeding ground is – some may stay away for longer). During this next phase of their turtle life, they spend the intervening years building up fat stores at their feeding ground until they are ready to begin their subsequent breeding migration, returning to Mon Repos to breed at the young age of approximately 29 years.

Why Mon Repos?

Mon Repos endeavours to conserve the life of turtles, not just loggerhead turtles. Each turtle season, they distribute pamphlets reminding locals about light exposure and to be aware of our beautiful wildlife that call Bundaberg their home. But why is Mon Repos so special? Because it supports the largest concentration of the endangered loggerhead turtle species on the eastern Australian mainland due to its sheltered bay and low erosion point, with an 80% success rate of hatchlings emerging.

Apart from predators, baby turtles’ threats are small plastics caused by humans that they think are food. When ingested, this can kill them.

Image Credit: Tourism Events Queensland

The Total Mon Repos Experience

Given its name Mon Repos, meaning “My Rest”, in 1884 by Augustus Purling Barton, a pioneer in the Qld sugar industry, locals can attest to the calm and restorative nature of Mon Repos. So it is no wonder that the turtles choose to nest along the pristine and sheltered ocean headland.

And when you visit Mon Repos, you won’t be disappointed. Visit day or night to experience the interactive turtle display, where you’ll also find a cafe for snacks and drinks. Turtle tours and encounters are experienced via groups, where all ticket holders arrive simultaneously, are placed into groups, and then taken down to the beach when the turtles arrive.

Be mindful that turtles arrive on “turtle time”; therefore, Mon Repos reminds people to be patient while waiting, suggesting to bring a book and a card deck. Kids and adults also have the opportunity to partake in activities in the turtle centre while waiting. Also, please remember to be environmentally friendly. Bring a reusable water bottle, and reusable coffee cup, plus please remember eco-safe insect repellent.

When you are asked to join the Ranger on the beach, the trek can be up to 1.6km long and in natural light over uneven surfaces. So beachgoers are asked to be physically capable of walking in these conditions. Therefore, if you love the moonlight, that will be your guiding light as you traverse the beach. And please listen closely to the instructions given by the Rangers.

Here’s an exciting part. You may be lucky enough to work alongside the Rangers as the hatchlings make their way to the water.

For weather, turtle tours will continue even in the rain. So bring a rain jacket. Umbrellas are NOT allowed on the beach.

If you try to see the turtles alone, which is not recommended, the entire beach is closed to the public from 6 pm to 6 am nightly from October 15th – April 30th. So the best way to experience nesting and hatching turtles is by purchasing a Turtle Encounter tour with a qualified and experienced Ranger.

How Can Kellys help you see the Turtles?

At Kellys Beach Resort Bargara, we are all about helping you explore our beautiful region. And as such, we have designed packages to tickle your fancy and entice your wild side. So if you are ready to book a turtle experience, click on the packages listed above, and we’ll take care of the rest. Just enjoy your stay and create lasting memories. Kellys are here to help.  Ask us how.

Reef, Beach, Rum and Nature

Reef, Beach, Rum and Nature

Image Credit: Tourism Events Queensland

It’s that time of the year for a family getaway, mini vacay, or surprise your partner with a romantic escape. But, where to? The islands and the reef, of course. And just off the Bundaberg and Bargara Coast, we have many experiences to choose from. The Southern Great Barrier Reef is oozing with underwater life that will invigorate all of your senses, leaving a lasting impression. And at Kelly’s, we have put together a few packages for you to explore our greater region in style.

Watch this video to inspire your mini vacay.

Image Credit: Tourism Events Queensland

Reef, Rum and Nature Packages

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort, Kellys Beach Resort Bargara and the Bundaberg Rum Distillery have teamed up to bring you two (2) amazing packages so you can explore the best of what the Southern Great Barrier Reef has to offer!

Rich in unspoilt beauty and natural wonders, Lady Elliot Island is a coral cay in the world heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. Known as a sanctuary and breeding ground for over 1200 marine life species, not only does LEI provide you with a stunning playground to explore, but you can learn as much or as little as you like. Having won the gold award for Sustainable Tourism in 2022, LEI is steeped in history and conservation. So check out which of our two (2) packages best suits you.

Pssssst – Lady Elliot Island has its own airstrip to get you safely and efficiently to your destination.

Image Credit: Tourism Events Queensland

K’Gari (Fraser Island) one day. The Great Barrier Reef the next

People still call it Fraser Island, but recently it was renamed K’Gari, which means paradise to the Aboriginal Butchulla people. While the name has changed, one thing remains the same; the stunning crystal clear waters of the numerous lakes, the unbridled views, and the tropical rainforests that grant your body the time to reset and wind down. K’Gari is the largest sand island in the world, spanning a whopping 122km in length, making it one of the most beautiful and sought after beaches to visit.

There are so many activities at K’gari, such as –

  1. Drive the 75-mile beach
  2. Float down Eli Creek in crystal clear waters
  3. Fish
  4. Visit the Maheno shipwreck
  5. Visit the historic locations
  6. View the coloured sands

That is just the tip of what to do at K’Gari. But you can check it out firsthand when you book one of our package deals. There may even be deals for other islands too, so what are you waiting for? Go investigate.

Beach, Reef and Rum. Lady Musgrave

You don’t need to go to Cairns to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Just a hop, skip and jump away from Bundaberg, snorkel the day away at Lady Musgrave. The tiny coral cay is just 19.45 hectares, yet it is full of over 200 underwater species. And due to the cay size, it is the perfect place for those beginning to snorkel. With lots of fish, mantas and turtles year round, including the friendly resident bird life, you’ll be intrigued for hours and hours. You can’t go wrong with the 7th wonder of the world and the untapped beauty at Lady Musgrave. So if you’re ready to find out more, Kelly’s has a beach, reef and rum package that’s perfect for you.

Image Credit: Tourism Events Queensland

See the turtles. Swim with them

Before we go, have you seen our latest blog all about the current turtle season? If you’ve missed out on tickets, the next best thing is to experience one of our reef packages above. That way, you get up close and personal. So, remember, there’s always a way, and at Kelly’s, we will try to accommodate your needs.

It’s Turtle time. Get your tickets before they are gone!

It’s Turtle time. Get your tickets before they are gone!

Get on our waitlist NOW, so you aren’t disappointed!

Although the official turtle season starts in November and runs through to late March, you can book tickets from September 1st. And we do encourage pre-booking so that you can claim your Turtle Encounter adventure at Mon Repos. In the past, guests have tried to book in November, and as tickets were sold out, you can imagine their dismay. So we can’t stress enough to set the alarm for September 1 to secure your tickets. Another option is to join our waitlist at Kelly’s.

Simply book your accommodation with us, including your prefered date for the Mon Repos Turtle Encounter Adventure, and we will add you to our list. Once we have your turtle booking confirmed, we will let you know! It can be that easy!

Enjoy this one-minute video that will have you keen as mustard to stay at Kelly’s and book your tickets to see the turtles!

“Give it a go. We did the turtle encounter tour in early March 2022. It was an entertaining and fun/worthwhile experience. Staff were friendly and helpful. Be prepared for a walk along the sand (which will be uneven ground)…Recommended. 


“Good, informative activity. Wonderful facility, lots of information about the work to preserve turtle habitat and breeding grounds. An interactive turtle discovery activity, gift shop and cafe on sight. I can recommend the coffee. Clean toilets and wheelchair access…” 


“A great family trip, very educational for the kids and even adults. Was simply amazing to be able to witness this. Something I’ll never forget.”

What will you see?

Mon Repos is a brief 10-12 minute drive from Kelly’s Beach Resort to share in a beautiful experience for all generations. Throughout the season, Mumma adult turtles approach the Mon Repos shoreline eager to nest and lay eggs. The cutest baby hatchlings then emerge approximately eight weeks later. With that in mind, if you want to experience both the laying of the eggs and then watch the baby turtles break through the sand and take their first journey into the ocean, we recommend making two bookings, one at the start of the season and another mid-way through the season. Check out our previous blog to see just how cute the baby turtle hatchlings are!

The Turtle Encounter Tour at Mon Repos and things to know

  • The arrival of the turtles and numbers cannot be predetermined, so you may have to wait for nature to show up.
  • As your tour will be at dusk or into the night, visibility will be via moonlight and torches, with torches limited due to conservation.
  • You may be walking up and down the coast, so moderate fitness is required.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for walking along the beach. A jumper may be required, and a water bottle.
  • Minimal light exposure is allowed to protect the turtles and ensure that they feel safe to nest. But don’t worry, there will be optimal times to use flash photography, and mobile phones are asked to be placed on silent and dimmed.
  • Before your encounter, you will be fully briefed with all the guidelines so you can enjoy your experience.

If you’d like more convincing that the Turtle Encounter at Mon Repos is worth it, read our past blog for more information, then contact us for updated tour dates. And remember, when you book your stay at Kelly’s, we can reserve and book your turtle tickets. We can’t wait to see you soon and hear about your extraordinary Turtle Encounter at Mon Repos, here in beautiful Bundaberg.

Images courtesy of Bundaberg Tourism