It’s a bird; it’s a plane; no, it’s a manta ray flying and leaping out of the water. Wouldn’t it be something else to see the mantas take flight over the June/July school holidays? Can you imagine being lucky enough to see 40+ mantas cruising the open ocean? But, I hear you…it’s winter, right, time to hibernate and stay indoors? Well, that’s not the case here in our stunning Bundaberg Greater Region. Lady Elliot Island is ripe with mantas majestically thriving in their gorgeous habitat throughout the winter season, and Kelly’s Beach Resort is your perfect home base to stay while you play.

Is the water warm?
The ocean temperature is a refreshing 23 degrees at Lady Elliot Island and just so happens to be the perfect time to snorkel with the rays. The crystal clear waters are also abundant with other marine life, such as turtles, whales and more!

Here’s a brief video from February 2022 that Lady Elliot posted on their Facebook page titled; Rare sighting! Ornate eagle ray. #eyeonthereef

School Holidays Book now!
The Qld school holidays are from the 25th of June to the 10th of July. And with flights departing from the Bundaberg airport to Lady Elliot Island, you can take a day trip that will have you soaring both in the air and under the water with the manta rays.

So, why do you need to add diving and snorkelling with the mantas to your bucket list?
Why not!
But here are some fun and exciting facts about WHY you need to see the manta firsthand;

  1. Mantas are among the largest animals in the ocean, with their wings spanning up to seven metres and weighing up to two tonnes. To put that into perspective, that’s as big as a rhino.
  2. They baffle Scientists as to why they can fly. It is suggested that mantas fly as part of a mating ritual, or a form of communication, and the removal of parasites.
  3. Manta give birth only every two years. That’s why you need to see them!
  4. Their spots on their belly are akin to fingerprints, distinguishing them apart.
  5. They are smart, having a decent-sized brain compared to their body. Dolphins are put to shame in that retrospect.
  6. They have to keep moving to live.
  7. Manta means cloak or blanket in Spanish, and I bet you can tell why…
  8. They are harmless to humans having 300 tiny teeth to feed on plankton and small fish. And their tail spine is non-functioning, so you’re safe to bask in their magnificence.

Can kids experience the mantas also?
The manta ray experience is a totally wild encounter. If the child can swim, then they can join in. Lady Elliot Island also offers a glass-bottom boat tour, a snorkel safari, and kayaks that seat 2 with clear bottoms. Kids are all the buzz at Lady Elliot Island, where they have Junior Reef Ranger Club, which is eco-focused.

Where can I stay?
Kelly’s Beach Resort Bargara is the ultimate eco-village for family-friendly accommodation. Check out our facilities where the friendly and knowledgeable tour desk team can arrange any day tours or tourist attractions. Also, check our Stay and Pay deals.