it ain't just because they're cute

Everyone wants to see the hatchings! We often tell our guests not to underestimate how special and majestic it is seeing the mum turtles nesting, but most just have their hearts on seeing the ‘babies’. Just like us humans, the mums do all the hard work and the cute little babies get the spotlight!

However it isn’t just because they’re cute, seeing these little guys make their way by themselves to the big wide ocean truely does something to you!




After incubating for 6-8 weeks they use a little egg tooth to break free of the ping pong ball looking egg shell. Over 5-6 days (they have little power naps in between) all the brother and sister hatchings work together to climb out of the sandy egg chamber.

Seeing them break the surface is like an eruption! All these little flippers and shells piling on top of one another, all instinctively heading towards the lowest lightest horizon above the sea.

If they survive the beach run with seagulls and crabs chasing them, they have a marathon swim of 80-100 km that takes 3-5 days to make it to the East Australia Current and they do with no help from parents!

Hatching Eruption


Witnessing this tiniest part of the turtle journey, really puts things in perspective. Seeing these 4.5 cm long and 40 gram little turtles go out to the big blue by themselves, is kinda like wow, should I really be annoyed that my latte is too hot, or someone stole my carp park?  Only 1 in 1000 of these little guys make it to adulthood. Might sound weird but witnessing the hatchings climbing the surf makes getting out of bed the day after a lot easier!


Like any new life, these cuties bring hope for the future. What is special is the ones that survive will one day, approximately 30 years later, return to the same beach to do as their mums did.

The Bundaberg community and the Bundaberg Regional Council are really proud that we are the guardians of the Loggerhead Turtles and do what we can to ensure future generations will get to experience this up close and personal wildlife encounter. In an age that sometimes can feel like the little dudes don’t mean so much, the hatching turtles at Mon Repos makes you feel anything is possible!

Thank you to the lovely Kev Webb for sharing the images of the Hatching makings its way to the big blue! The You Tube Video and other images have been sourced from Tourism Events Queensland.

 3 Day Turtle & Bundaberg Experience Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive @ Kellys

Check in at Kellys Beach Resort. Enjoy a swim in the resort pool, a game of tennis and explore the 5.5 acres of grounds. Head to Bargara for some fish n chips and ice cream on the Esplanade

Day 2

Explore Bundaberg by Day, Turtles By night

Choose from our many beaches, check if their is a Bundaberg Food Tour available or head to Ohana Cider House or The Brewhouse.

Pre-order your dinner at KBR’s in-house Restaurant so you can eat before you leave for Mon Repos and your turtle experience.

Day 3

discover bundaberg’s spirit

We have some amazing Sunsets here in Bargara. After witnessing the miricle of Turtle Hatchlings you will spring out of bed! Before heading home no visit to Bundaberg is complete without visiting the Bundaberg Rum Distillery!